F1 actieve Subwoofer
With 1,000 watts of power, the Bose® F1 Subwoofer packs all the performance of a larger bass box into a more compact design that’s easier to carry and fits in a car. A mounting stand for the Bose F1 Model 812 Flexible Array Loudspeaker is in ... (meer lezen)
€ 1.199,00 1
Panaray 502B Bass Loudspeaker
Low-frequency loudspeaker designed for indoor permanent installations. The 502 B loudspeaker features patented Acoustimass® speaker technology to deliver non-localizable bass to 45 Hz. For indoor applications only. Single 12" (305 ... (meer lezen)
vanaf € 2.238,50 1
Panaray MB24-III Subwoofer
Compact 2 x 12" (305 mm) configuration designed to provide bass augmentation for Bose® LT arrays and other subwoofer applications. Allows minimal-height arrays when used with LT mid/high loudspeakers. MB24 for indoor applications only ... (meer lezen)
vanaf € 2.897,95 1
Panaray® MB12 subwoofer
  Compact enclosure optimized for bass-array applications when cardioid or other directional-bass configurations are required for reverberant spaces     FEATURES Low-frequency reinforcement for Bose® LT arrays ... (meer lezen)
vanaf € 2.026,75 1
Panaray® MB210 subwoofer
Bose Professional MB210 compact subwoofers are designed for background/foreground music and small sound-reinforcement systems that require low-frequency extension down to 37 Hz. The MB210 subwoofer features two (2) 10-inch high-excursion woo ... (meer lezen)
vanaf € 955,90 1
Panaray® MB4 modular bass loudspeaker
Compact low-frequency loudspeaker designed primarily to provide bass augmentation for Bose® Panaray and DS systems in small to medium-size indoor permanent installations. It can also be used as portable sound reinforcement. For indoor ... (meer lezen)
vanaf € 925,65 1
RoomMatch® RMS215
RoomMatch® RMS215 subwoofer module is designed primarily to extend the low-frequency response of Bose RoomMatch® arrays to 40 Hz. The RMS215 subwoofer module features dual Bose LF15 15-inch high-excursion woofers, with a proprietary port des ... (meer lezen)
€ 4.114,00 1
RoomMatch® RMS218 VLF-subwoofer
The RoomMatch® RMS218 VLF-subwoofer is designed primarily to extend the low-frequency response of Bose® RoomMatch arrays down to 25 Hz. It features dual Bose LF18 18-inch high-excursion woofers, and a V-baffle design that reduces distortion ... (meer lezen)
€ 5.566,00 1