Bose RoomMatch Array Module
Bose RoomMatch DeltaQ array loudspeakers are designed for permanent installation in the finest performing arts centers, auditoriums, sports arenas, dance clubs and houses of worship, in which the large-format waveguides with choice of 42 cov ... (meer lezen)
€ 4.779,50 1
Bose RoomMatch Utility RMU105
The RoomMatch Utility RMU105 ultra-compact foreground/fill loudspeaker is intended for use in high-quality background/ foreground music and zone-fill applications that require excellent audio, minimal physical size and high design aesthetics ... (meer lezen)
vanaf € 665,50 1
Bose RoomMatch Utility RMU108
The RoomMatch Utility RMU108 small-format sound reinforcement loudspeaker is intended for use in high-quality foreground music, under-balcony, zone fill and vocal-range floor monitor applications. The design features a single Bose® EMB2 comp ... (meer lezen)
vanaf € 1.028,50 1
Bose RoomMatch Utility RMU206
The RoomMatch Utility RMU206 small-format under-balcony fill loudspeaker features a unique angled baffle enclosure design to minimize the projected height for typical under-balcony and low-ceiling zone-fill applications. The design also feat ... (meer lezen)
vanaf € 1.149,50 1
Bose RoomMatch Utility RMU208
De RoomMatch Utility RMU208 luidspreker  is bedoeld voor gebruik in hoogwaardige voorgrondmuziek, onderbalkon-, zonevul- en vocale vloermonitortoepassingen. Het ontwerp heeft een enkele Bose® EMB2-compressiedirver om middentonen / hoge tonen ... (meer lezen)
vanaf € 1.324,95 1